Our Academic Philosophy

Education at Chapel Field starts with the insight that every child is created in the image of God, with a body, mind and soul designed to thrive on what is good, true and beautiful. The curriculum emphasizes traditional and time-tested methods that awaken students’ curiosity and love of learning. Students explore great ideas and books through discussion, where they learn to hone their reasoning abilities and defend truth graciously and persuasively. Their moral character and virtue are encouraged across the curriculum. Classes in math, science, Bible, history and art all point students towards Christ, the Word in whom all things hold together. Students’ faith is challenged to grow and flourish as they think through difficult questions about their beliefs, and read the great works of Scripture and church history. Service to neighbor and community is not only a requirement at Chapel Field – it is viewed as a high and noble calling from God. The Chapel Field graduate goes out into the world God has called them to serve rooted in the truth, prepared to be a loving and effective ambassador of Christ’s kingdom.