The following are important items in the school's Student Handbook with which International students will be expected to comply.

As a student at Chapel Field, I will:

  1. Maintain the highest moral standards at all times.
  2. Refrain from smoking cigarettes, possessing or using illegal drugs, using profanity, viewing pornography, or being involved in immoral physical relationships.
  3. Be willing to take at least one religious academic course per year.
  4. Be willing to attend religious services with my host family.
  5. Abide by all rules set down by the school and host family regarding limits and proper use of electronic devices including cell phones, iPads, computers, translators, and social networking sites.
  6. Abide by school policies for all weekend trips.
  7. Refrain from cheating on all assignments.
  8. Turn in all assignments on time, completed as directed by my teachers.
  9. Abide by school's dress code, remaining neatly dressed and well groomed at all times.

If students do not abide by the above items, they will be disciplined by the appropriate use of warnings, lunch detentions, and in-school suspensions.

A complete, written explanation of the list above will be distributed during orientation along with full, verbal explanations of Chapel Field's expectations.