Chapel Field Christian Schools would like to invite all homeschool families who are committed to Christian education, have a love for music, and/or a competitive spirit to join our program.

Our Community Education Programs include:

-Music Only Program:
K-12: Chorus and/or Band classes - 2 days a week - FREE

-Art Program:
K-12: Art Classes - 2 days a week - $35/mo

-Middle & High School Part Time Program:
6-12: Your Choice of Courses - 5 days a week - $75/mo per course
6-12: Phys. Ed.* - 2 days a week - $25/mo

* Phys. Ed. plus 2 courses qualifies students for interscholastic sports.

-Each of these programs requires a $25 Registration Fee

For more information on the community Education Program, call the office at (845) 778-1881 or email your questions to Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Meet our Homeschool Liaison

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Robin Grant

Chapel Field Homeschool Liaison

A homeschool mother herself, Robin has had a passion for Christian Education for many years. Before she had children, she taught at Chapel Field, and over the past year has begun to enroll her kids into our Homeschool Partnership Programs. She cites the help that many gave her when she was homeschooling as her inspiration for helping other homeschool families to make the best decisions for their children's education.