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Frequently Asked Questions: General

-Do Chapel Field students need to follow a DRESS CODE?

Pre-K through 5th grades have a modified uniform while 6th through 12th grades have a dress code. All Fridays, midterm and final exam days, and 2 hour delay days are "dress down" days on which students may wear the clothes they choose (as long as they follow our modesty requirements).

-Are students who attend Chapel Field required to attend CHURCH?

Chapel Field expects that students are attending their local church with their families. In grades 6-12, church attendance is recorded through quarterly church assignments.

-Is FINANCIAL AID available for parents with limited financial resources?

Financial aid is available to parents whom the administration deems eligible. For more information contact the school registrar at

-How are SNOW DAYS handled?

Chapel Field makes a decision on delays or closings based on our local districts' decisions as well as weather conditions. Parents will be notified through our parent alert system as well and decisions can be found on our website, on Facebook, or by calling the school.

-Are ART and MUSIC classes included in the TUITION PRICE?

Chorus and Art is included at all levels with band and select ensembles beginning in 6th grade, all at no additional cost. 

-Are AP CLASSES offered at Chapel Field?

The AP classes we offer at Chapel Field change on a yearly basis based on student interest. Dual Enrollment opportunities are also available. Our administration puts forth its best effort to aid students in building up their transcripts to the best they can be.

-Is Chapel Field rooted in a particular DENOMINATION of CHRISTIANITY?

Chapel Field is a nondenominational evangelical Christian school. All teaching is Biblically based and high school Bible classes encourage students to grow in understanding of their own denomination as well as the denominations of their classmates. 

-Does Chapel Field teach the COMMON CORE curriculum?

Chapel Field strongly values traditional education and continues to teach by those standards while equipping our students to interact with peers who have learned according to common core methods.

-Are American students eligible to live in the RESIDENCE BUILDING "The Dorm" at Chapel Field’s WALDEN CAMPUS?

Since Chapel Field acquired its 7 acre Walden campus, International and American students alike are eligible for our boarding program.

-Why is 6th grade at Chapel Field unique from the rest of the middle School?

We offer a unique opportunity to 6th grade students as they transition from the dependent stage of elementary school to the freedom of middle school. These students have lockers and freedom along with the support of teachers to help them adjust to their new environment.

-Does Chapel Field teach the scientific theory of EVOLUTION?

While this theory is thoroughly taught in our science classes, we hold the belief that God created the heavens and the earth and teach accordingly.

-Are all sports offered on all three levels, Modified, J.V., and Varsity?

Our sports teams are determined based on student turnout for each individual team. Chapel Field’s athletic program have found great success and we present the most opportunity possible for students interested in sports.

-Are HOMESCHOOL students eligible to participate in Chapel Field’s athletic program?

Participants in our Community education program are eligible to take advantage of every opportunity available to the particular program they are enrolled in.

-Is there a LIBRARY on Chapel Field’s campus?

Chapel Field has a research library located in our main building available for Jr. High and High School student use, while our Elementary school has a full elementary level library.

-Are students allowed to use CELL PHONES on campus?

Cell phones are not allowed to be used in class, but High School students may use them before and after school as well as during lunch time. All students may come to the student office with teacher's permission if they need to contact home.

-What CONSEQUENCES are students subject to when they have not followed school policy?

Pre-k -5th grades: Each teacher has an individual discipline/reward system that may result in loss of lunch recess time. Any situation that can not be handled in class will be sent to the Principal.

Grades 6-12: Minor instances of misconduct will result in a detention during the students’ lunch period while more serious instances may be met with a pink slip, suspension, or with expulsion in extreme scenarios.

-Is there opportunity for students to purchase LUNCH on campus?

Pre-K - 5th grades: The parent's association provides a hot lunch for purchase on Wednesdays and other special lunch days will be announced. Limited microwave use is available.

Grades 6-12: Our school store, better known as the “Book Jail” is stocked with food, drinks, and snacks for students to buy during their lunch period or after school.Sandwiches are available in the Book Jail on Tuesdays and the parent's association provides a hot lunch and salad bar for purchase on Thursdays. Student groups may do fundraising lunches throughout the school year. 

-Does Chapel Field offer education opportunities to ADULTS?

The Dwaarkill Study Center, also a ministry of the Affirmative Evangelism Fellowship, offers classes and lectures aimed at adults who would like to pursue the mission of taking every thought captive to the glory of Jesus Christ.