School Store: The Book Jail

   Our school store, the “Book Jail” is open every day for students to buy lunch and snacks, ----- or to retrieve lost items.

  A multitude of food items can be bought at the Book Jail, such as drinks, candy, frozen/microwavable food, small snacks. Each week the store is restocked, sometimes with new items for students to try out. Students can pay in cash or charge to their account (with parents' permission). 

  The school store is open throughout high school and middle school lunch periods and after school for students before they leave or for sports teams to grab a quick bite to eat before their games/practices.

Our student volunteers who work in the store  .

Our student volunteers who work in the store.

Parent Lunches / Hot Lunches

High School & Middle School:

   Every Thursday, the Parent Association prepares a hot lunch for students to buy in the Book Jail. A different hot meal is served each week, along with a salad bar that is included with the purchase of the meal. We are grateful to our wonderful Parents Association for their generous service.


Elementary School:

   Every Wednesday at our Elementary School, a hot lunch is prepared. The menu is sent to parents ahead of time for them to order for their students. Also, microwavable meals are available for purchase each day in the school's kitchen. For more information regarding Elementary School hot lunch, Contact Us.