Our Philosophy at Chapel Field

     Our mission is to restore traditional education in the light of Christ. We want to prepare each student personally in all academic disciplines for success at his or her next level of study or endeavor; to develop in students' characters a true sense of holiness and service to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Chapel Field is a program designed for its students to embrace six imperatives for living.

   1. Academic Discipline - in a positive learning environment that allows each student to excel to the peak of his or her own scholastic ability in both liberal arts and theological studies, and build an academic transcript that creates desirable future educational and vocational opportunities.

   2. Extra Curricular Accomplishment - that enhances each student’s high school transcript through open participation in sports, chorus, band, clubs, teams, etc… which further foster perseverance, teamwork, discipline, time management, camaraderie, and physical endurance. 

   3. Moral Character and Integrity - that fortifies moral conduct and honesty based on God’s Word, working itself out in good citizenship, support, encouragement to one’s immediate peers, a character that is tolerant of free speech and honest debate but never tolerant of immoral behavior or principles. 

   4. Personal Commitment to Christ and Church - that is seen in students as they embrace Christ through repentance and faith as Lord and Savior; that one lives in gratitude for God’s grace as lifelong supporters of Christ’s church and its mission to proclaim the Gospel. 

   5. Volunteerism and Service to Humanity - that inspires individual commitment towards regular sacrificial service to one’s neighbors, both local and foreign, especially those who have the deepest and most desperate needs. 

   6. Faithful, Attractive and Modest, Godly Lifestyle - one that is a consistent testimony to our culture, that our faith, our relationships, our dress and our possessions are not designed to complete with our materialistic culture or to draw special attention to ourselves, but are designed to reflect our true purpose, which is to live modestly and humbly before a Holy God.

Statement on Common Core:


  • Traditional education centered on a Christian worldview
  • Student-focused teaching, encourage individuality/creativity and parent communication
  • Emphasizes classic and historical American literature and documents
  • Foundational language and writing skills: phonics, grammar, cursive
  • Has age-appropriate, sequentially meaningful math programs
  • Teaches on the development, contribution, and benefits of Western Civilization



  • One-size-fits-all approach centered on government agenda
  • Feat-based teaching that follows a script and centers around testing, minimization of parent involvement
  • Replaces classics with informational texts and government documents
  • Dismisses crucial foundational principles
  • Buries students in abstract concepts when they are not developmentally ready
  • De-emphasizes the history of Western Civilization and degrades important historical documents.