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High School (9-12)

Chapel Field High School houses grades 9-12 and is located on our South Campus along with our Middle School.  High School students have the opportunity to take AP & College courses as well as Regents classes  Students participate in JV and Varsity sports as well as vocal and instrumental ensembles, drama club, Student Government, National Honor Society, Youth Conquest with Christ, Math Team, mission trips, cultural trips, prom, beach day, and more.  

JV and Varsity sports available include soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, cross country, and track & field. See Athletics.

Academics: Graduation Paths by Subject

· History: 4 Credits Required

    - Grade 9: Global Studies I

    - Grade 10: Global Studies II

    - Grade 11: United States History 

    - Grade 12: Government Economics

· English: 4-5 Credits Required

    - Grade 9: English Literature and Composition 9

    - Grade 10: English Literature and Composition 10

    - Grade 11*: English Composition 11 (Research Paper)
                        English Literature 11 (focus on American Literature) 

    - Grade 12: English 12 Literature and Composition (focus on Thesis)

          *2 credits are sometimes required for grade 11 at school's discretion

· Science: 3 Credits Required

    - Grade 9: “Living Environment” (Biology)

    - Grade 10: Earth Science

    - Grade 11: Chemistry

    - Grade 12: Physics

         – alt. Hon. Biology – preparing for AP Biology exam
         – alt. Environmental Science
         – alt. Honors Physics – preparing for AP Physics Exam

          *Health is also required for graduation and should be taken in grade 12

 · Mathematics: 3 Credits Required (Courses are not assigned to grade levels)

    - Algebra I

    - Geometry

    - Algebra II and Trigonometry

    - Pre-Calculus

    - Calculus (Honors – preparing for AP exam)

    - Calculus BC (Honors)

 · Foreign Language: Chapel Field exceeds New York State standards in that it requires graduates to have earned two credits of Foreign Language. A credit can be earned if a student passes a course in a language other than English (so long as that course meets Chapel Field standards).

 · Arts: Students are required to have one credit in the arts for graduation. 

    - Choir

    - Concert or Jazz Band

    - Studio Art

    - Men's or Women's Ensemble

 · Physical Education: Students should be enrolled in a half credit physical education each year of high school, allowing students to earn the two required credits for graduation.