How to Sponsor a Student

  • Pay with Cash

  • Make an Online Payment — Click Here

  • Send in A Check —
    Checks should be made out to “Chapel Field Christian Schools.” In the memo, please include “Softball Marathon, with the student’s name.”


Official 2019 Flyer.

Official 2019 Flyer.

As Chapel Field is a nonprofit organization, it often relies on the generosity of its supporters. We organize only one fundraiser each year in order to help us maintain our high standard throughout the school year. We call it the "Softball Marathon," an annual 50+ inning softball game for high school and middle school students to play in and get sponsors. When a student gets the support of a sponsor, the money he/she raises helps support Chapel Field. 

We are looking forward to this exciting event! #SoftballMarathon

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to EMAIL US.