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We understand that a child’s education is primarily the responsibility of his or her parents. Chapel Field exists to partner with parents in fulfilling this responsibility and calling, whether it be through a conventional school setting or by coming along side homeschool families to support their educational goals. Over the past five years we have been offering homeschool parents a creative way to maintain the integrity of their homeschool program while at the same time providing their sons and daughters with opportunities not available at home. Choose what best suits the particular needs of your student from a wide range of courses and school activities such as music, art, and sports, to core courses that are often difficult to fulfill at home like upper level math and lab sciences. 

Schedule a tour to see our campus and to learn more about our programs we have to offer.

We are thankful for homeschool families and their commitment to Christian education. We are here to serve you.

Our Partnership Programs include:

-Music Only Program:
K-12: Chorus and/or Band classes - 2 days a week - FREE

-Art Program:
K-12: Art Classes - 2 days a week - $35/mo

-Middle & High School Part Time Program:
6-12: Your Choice of Courses - 5 days a week - $75/mo per course
6-12: Phys. Ed.* - 2 days a week - $25/mo

* Phys. Ed. plus 2 courses qualifies students for interscholastic sports.

-Each of these programs requires a $25 Registration Fee

For more information on our Homeschool Partnership Program, please don't hesitate to contact us or reach out to our Homeschool Liaison (featured below.)

Meet our Homeschool Liaison

Robin Grant
CF Homeschool Liaison


A homeschool mother herself, Robin has had a passion for Christian Education for many years. Before she had children, she taught at Chapel Field, and in the past few years has begun to enroll her kids into our Homeschool Partnership Programs. She cites the help that many gave her when she was homeschooling as her inspiration for helping other homeschool families to make the best decisions for their children's education.