Middle School (6-8)

Chapel Field Middle School houses grades 6-8 and is located on our South Campus along with our High School.  Middle School students have the opportunity to begin honors & Regents classes, and may participate in modified sports as well as vocal and instrumental ensembles.  

Modified sports available include soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, and track & field.

Middle School students also participate in Spirit Week, the school drama, student government, Christian service, and missions trips.

Academics: Middle School Paths by Subject

· History: 

- Grade 6: Global Studies: History, Geography, and Culture (Eastern Hemisphere)

- Grade 7: United States History (Age of Exploration to the Start of the Civil War)

  Grade 8: United States History (Unrest before the Civil War to Present Day)

· English:

- Grade 6: ELA 6 (Focus: short stories, non-fiction texts, essay writing, research) 

- Grade 7: English 7 (Focus on essay development, expository writing [fiction/non-fiction], connecting literature and culture)

- Grade 8: English 8 (Literature focus: short stories and poetry, literary techniques, critical thinking, written responses exercise writing skills)

· Science:

- Grade 6: Earth and Universe (Introduction to Earth Science)

- Grade 7: Life Science (Introduction to Biology)

- Grade 8: Physical Science (Introduction to Physics and Chemistry)

· Mathematics: 

- Grade 6: Mathematics 6 (connecting ratio and rate to whole number multiplication, division and problem solving; division of fractions; expressions and equations; statistical thinking) 

- Grade 7: Pre-Algebra 7 (proportional relationships; operations with rational numbers; expressions and linear equations; scale drawings and informal geometric constructions; two- and three-dimensional shapes to solve problems; drawing inferences about populations) 

- Grade 8: Pre-Algebra 8 (formulating and reasoning about expressions and equations; solving linear equations and systems of linear equations; grasping the concept of a function; using functions to describe quantitative relationships; analyzing two- and three- dimensional space and figures; Pythagorean Theorem)

· Foreign Language: 

- Grade 6: Spanish 6 (Introduction to Spanish, basic vocabulary, alphabet, phonics)

- Grade 7: Spanish 7 (Introductory vocabulary, basic conjugation, develop phonics, reading aloud, develop conversations with vocabulary studied)

- Grade 8: Spanish 8 (Expand vocabulary, development of conjugation, sentence structure and grammar, dialogues, prepare for high school level Spanish)

· Arts: Middle school students are required to be enrolled in chorus each year in attendance. Band and studio art classes are available to middle school students as electives. 

· Physical EducationStudents should be enrolled in a “half credit” physical education course each year of middle school (two class periods a week on separate days).

8th grade graduation day.

8th grade graduation day.

Middle School students enjoying Fall Fest during Spirit Week.

Middle School students enjoying Fall Fest during Spirit Week.