Chapel Field is using MySchoolBucks for students bookjail accounts and for online invoice payments including tuition and fees.

Yes. If you use the MySchoolBucks website or mobile app to make payments on your students account MySchoolBucks charges a small convenience fee. The fee for funding your students meal account is $2.49 per transaction no matter how much you add to your students meal account. You can fund more that one student's meal account in a single transaction. The fee for paying an invoice online is 3.95% of the invoice payment

There is NO FEE if you send your payment directly to Chapel Field or stop by the office to make a payment.

We can not accept credit or debit card payments in the office
ALL card payments must be done online using your MySchoolBucks account.

Getting started is a simple three-step process!
1. Download the app or visit the MySchoolBucks homepage and click on “Sign Up Today”.
2. Create a user profile with your email address, establish a password, and set up your security questions.
3. Add a Student to your account using the student’s name, date of birth and/or student ID number. (Some schools and districts may require either the student’s date of birth or student ID number.)

If you need help you can download step by step instructions above.

Resetting your password is easy.
Simply click on the link “Forgot username or password?” in the login box on the homepage. Enter in your username (in most cases, your email address) and select if you’d like to receive a text message or an email to reset your password.
In most cases, your username is the email address you used when you set up your account.
If you need further assistance, you may call the Chapel Field Office or MySchoolBucks at 855-832-5226.

Check to make sure that the student’s name is spelled exactly as the district has it on file. Verify that the student ID and/or date of birth has been entered correctly. Your student’s ID can usually be found on school documents such as a report card, registration paperwork, transcripts, ID card, etc. For security and confidentiality reasons, if you need further assistance please contact the Chapel Field Office or send an email to

MySchoolBucks takes the security of your information - for you, your student, and your payments - very seriously. It is vital to the service we provide. The MySchoolBucks website and mobile app are fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which is a set of security requirements set by Visa, MasterCard, and the other major payment brands, for card payments. This is the gold standard for payments security. All transactions are encrypted and transmitted securely.

MySchoolBucks will never sell your personal information. For detailed information about their privacy policy, click here.

Email notifications are managed through your account settings. To enable, click “edit” next to the student’s name in the low balance box in the account settings section, enter in the desired low balance amount and click “update” to save.

If you have your low balance notifications turned on, when the balance goes below a selected minimum dollar amount and you have not yet added more funds, you will receive a total of 3 email messages. Accounts with more than one student will receive a notification for each student.

If another person or family member needs to make a payment for your student, they can create their own MySchoolBucks profile. A student can be tied to multiple user accounts. If an additional account is needed, the account creator will follow the same simple three-step setup process.

Chapel Field has setup MySchoolBucks to accept Visa, Discover, and MasterCard, and electronic checks ( funds transfered directlly from a checking account ).

Your credit card will be authorized as soon as you place your order. Electronic checks are typically processed within one business day. Payments will show as "pending" on your Meal Accounts (for meals) or Store (for invoices) page until they post to your student's account. Meal funds are generally available for your student to use within 1-2 business days.

Payment history can be found by clicking on “Meal Accounts” on the home page, and then click on “Recent Payments”.

Bookjail purchase history for the past 90 days can be seen by clicking “Cafeteria Meal History” in the Meal Accounts drop down menu.

For purchase history greater than 90 days, contact the Chapel Field Office or send an email to with your request and we can generate a report for you.

You can continue using your MySchoolBucks account as long as your new school uses MySchoolBucks!
If your student leaves Chapel Field, click the “district selector” at the top of account settings page to add a new school district to your profile. will provide a list of available school districts during the sign up process. Also if you send your student to Chapel Field from a school district that used MySchoolBucks you can follow the same process.

Transferring funds between students on your account must be done by the Finance Office at Chapel Field. This can only be done for STUDENTS ATTENDING CHAPEL FIELD. We cannot transfer funds between students in different school districts.

Please contact the Chapel Field office for more information.